A little Q and A with Emma Richardson to give you an insight on how our beautiful print was born.
What are the first steps when you design a pattern ?
I begin the pattern design process by experimenting with different colours and textures, I enjoy mark making and playing with a variety of paints, pastels and chalks. I love getting messy and putting all of my initial design ideas down in a sketchbook! 
Where did you draw your inspiration from for the BIONDA prints? 
The prints for BIONDA were created as part of my Degree Show Collection: “Call of The Wild”. The prints for BIONDA celebrate the beauty of animals and their natural habitats. The main inspiration came from my Grandad's job as a Zookeeper in the 1960’s. His vintage film photographs became a treasured possession and valuable visual resource, which led me to create a collection of bold flamingo inspired designs. Working with BIONDA was great’s so great to see my designs as beautiful finished products! 
What’s your favorite part of designing?
My favourite part of the design process is playing with my hand-painted designs in Photoshop, where I can experiment with colour, scale and repetition. 
Is there a favorite media you work with?
My favourite media to use is gouache paint and ink.
Most difficult part of being a pattern maker?
For me the biggest challenge is not having access to the same facilities that I did when I was at University, I really miss working in a large studio with other creatives and being able to use all of the high quality scanners, Macs and printers. At the moment I make all of my work in my flat! 
How and where did your journey start to becoming an artist/ pattern maker?
I’ve always known I wanted a creative career, in 2015 I went to study Art & Design at The University of Dundee in Scotland; where I then specialised in Textile Design. I loved working in a studio, designing for a variety of project briefs which really helped me to find my own style! 
Favorite colors for the coming summer? 
My favourite colours for summer are shades of turquoise and orange; I love combining bright colours together. 
What’s next for you? (Future ideas and plans)
At the moment I’m busy working on building my own Etsy Business, creating new prints and custom wall art. I would love to spend some time travelling and finding new inspiration for my art and in the future I would love to design for a print studio on a full-time basis.