Julia, a model, muse, world-explorer and artist, has spent lockdown in her hometown in Mallorca.
 Since lockdown restrictions began lifting in Spain, she’s been reconnecting with life’s simple pleasures again - painting, friends and lots of music, whilst keeping up a few rituals she learned along the way.
Here, we chat to Julia about her artwork, her influences and the perfect summer.


Describe yourself in three words
Intuitive, unruly, exiled-monk

What is something unusual about you that not everyone knows:
I have trypophobia. I don’t enjoy watching people eat olives. All of my fingers have been broken due to playing basketball and funny enough, hands can be the first thing I’m attracted to in a person... unusual but still usual. I am highly sensitive but can be cold at the same time. 

Tell us about your artwork. Where did it begin? where is it going?
I started drawing when I was young, with very horror vacui drawings, and at the end of the class the teacher would go over them with me. Then I moved onto big abstract pieces, with lots of texture, mixed materials and using my hands, rejecting any detailed work. I had always done collages as mind maps for writing or painting pieces but I had never used them as finished pieces. Currently I'm exploring digital compositions, video pieces and a mish mash of all.

Your work has a spiritual touch here and there. Can you tell us a bit more about where that comes from? 
My mom describes it as alchemical art. I guess it comes from music influences, my way of perceiving the world and most of the books, conferences, thinkers...I’m very inclined towards and interested in history, mythology and quantum.

You have grown up in Mallorca but you lived in Portugal for a while - how did this impact and inspire you as an artist?
I think nature in general is what has impacted me the most, not a place in particular because I mostly enjoy new stimuli and places. Although, I would definitely say nature, wherever I have travelled, has been a major inspiration. 

What aspect of Spanish culture are you most fond of?
Spanish guitar, "ball de bastons", olive oil, wine and humour I guess.

What is your favorite way to spend your summer days? What does the perfect summer mean to you? 
I think it doesn't differ from anyone's perfect summer; beach, books, amores, laughing, dancing, lots of music, late night swims, organising dinners with friends etc.

What was the hardest bit in lockdown for you?
Helplessness. Guilt trips for being lucky enough to have a safe home and food. I had violent waves of emotions, from anger to deep sadness. Longing for friends and family. But mostly I was very grateful to have people I love around me, and for the opportunities life has given me.

If you could recommend a) a book b) a film and c) a place in Mallorca, what would they be?
Master and Margherita Bulgakov, La belle Verte, and any place in Mallorca can be magic depending on preferences, but lately I'm mostly drawn to the Tramuntana and its rocky beaches.