An enduring love affair with the ocean gave Bionda its authenticity and purpose. All pieces are designed by founder Melina Bernardini in Mallorca, Spain.

Each design starts its life as a bespoke hand-drawn sketch, allowing each individual garment to be the purest expression of the Bionda’s distinct handwriting. 

Looking to the past for inspiration, and to the future for innovation in sustainability, Bionda is committed to consciously creating beautiful pieces that instill timelessness, elegance, and comfort.

All Bionda materials are carefully chosen with clear intention and care. For swimwear, 100% of our fabrics are made from recycled textiles or deadstock materials.This has been Bionda’s standard since its inception in early 2020. With its unique designs and conscious, transparent efforts, Bionda has been featured in revered publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Tatler, and InStyle.