Our Universe

BIONDA: your ethically produced luxury swimwear brand. During designer Melina Bernardini's languid covid lockdown days by the Mallorca seaside, a sentiment twinkled amongst the balmy waves: Fashion should not be fast. Slow down. Buy less. Buy ethically made. Buy quality pieces. Know where your clothes come from.

Drawing inspiration from the alluring and timeless patterns of the natural world; the calming grey hues of beach pebbles and cliffs, the golden sunlight glinting through the deep green leaves of palm trees, and the melodic shells paving our way across the island banks; Melina incorporated the cyclical characteristics of the planet.

We take from the Earth to create, so we give back to the Earth and its resources when we’re done. To live sustainably is to coexist with our planet, for we are dependent on each other.

Thus, BIONDA was created. The synergy between the pull of the ocean and the urgent need for local and small businesses to flourish in the face of mega corporations was woven into Melina’s sketches and helped envision classic sophistication that can travel the world with its wearer.

BIONDA believes in ethical luxury. “We only craft exclusive, limited-release collections that are created consciously.”

Conscious consumers

Long before BIONDA was born, conscious consumerism was on the forefront of Founder Melina’s mind. This enabled her to implement ethical practice from the very beginning. At BIONDA, the team does everything they can to ensure the clothes are being manufactured in a truly sustainable and transparent way.

We have an incredible team of artisan sewers in Spain and South America that work in safe, family-owned environments to produce and manufacture our stunning pieces. Our swimwear is hand-crafted in Brazil, and our resort-wear is currently created at a local studio in Palma de Mallorca.

We champion small businesses globally to take a stand against factories with questionable human rights practices, never-ending supply chains, and aggressive deadlines. BIONDA is 100% for ethical labor and cherishes each and every person that helps build our product as we know without them, we wouldn’t be BIONDA.

In order to reduce waste and eliminate the possibility of over-production, we only produce small runs of our collection. Primarily working with natural fibers which comprises 99% of our collections every season, we use materials such as recycled Lycra for our swim line and cotton, hemp, and linen for our resort-wear range.

At BIONDA we understand that progress involves constant learning and changing. So, we’re currently exploring natural dyes and other colorants for our fabrics with the aim of banning the use of virgin fabrics by 2022. We will continue to strive for sustainability in both the natural and cultural world and will pursue our goals to do so.