Our Story

Founded by Designer Melina Bernardini, Bionda is a luxury swimwear and resort wear label influenced by 1960s Poolside Photography, drawing inspiration from iconic Riviera and the Carioca Spirit of 1970’S Rio: A reminder of the sophistication that went with holidays of the era

Bionda’s philosophy are timeless summer classics with a twist that should endure long after purchase: The ultimate holiday investment pieces.

Producing only limited-release collections created consciously to bring you a series of unique looks every season, that move seamlessly between balmy beaches to summer days in the city.

"We believe fashion should not be fast. Slow down, buy less but buy ethically made, quality pieces. In a world of exploitative mass production, we work hard to offer original, unique collections that are thoughtfully made.”

Conscious Consumers

We considered ourselves to be conscious consumers long before we started BIONDA, which is why we built the necessary practices into our business models right from the very start. Unlike others who do the bare minimum to be able to call themselves an ethical company, we do everything we can to ensure that we’re operating in a truly sustainable and transparent way.

All of our pieces are ethically produced and manufactured at various locations in Spain, Colombia and Brazil. We’re 100% behind ethical labor, meaning that we have never and will never mass-manufacture our products in factories with questionable human rights practices, with never-ending supply chains and aggressive deadlines.

We have an incredible team of artisan sewers in both Spain and South America that work in safe, happy, family-owned environments. While our Swimwear is crafted by hand in Brazil, our resortwear line is made in Colombia, with the finishing touches sewn in a local studio in Madrid.

We cherish each and every person that touches our product throughout the manufacturing process, as we know that without them, we wouldn’t be BIONDA.

We only produce small runs of our collections to reduce waste and eliminate the possibility of over-production. We primarily work with natural fibers such as recycled Lycra for our swim line and focus on cotton, hemp and linen for our resortwear range - which comprises 99% of our collections every season.

We are currently exploring natural dyes and other ways of changing the color of our fabrics with the aim of banning the use of virgin fabric by 2022. We are wholly focused on sustainability at BIONDA and it’s something that we will continue to strive for.


Make A Difference

As of August 2020, BIONDA proudly donates Parts of the profits made from every sale to the M-Foundation - a body that engages in extraordinary projects in both Colombia and Brazil. All projects are focused on empowering women and girls and are run by some of the most impactful development organisations in existence.